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Friday, April 5, 2013

Boost your Alexa Rank |

Here are some quick tips on how to increase your Alexa Rank. Obvious one, install the Alexa Toolbar on any browser you use to surf the web, set the site you want to rank up as your homepage. 

Participate in Alexa Boostup Alexa traffic exchange program, being apart of our community will be the quickest way to rank up. While there is no data to suggest Alexa uses their widget data in their rank algorithm, It won’t hurt to install an Alexa Rank Widget on your website somewhere where its not cluttering your user experience, like in a footer or sidebar. 

If your website has a community that could benefit from your own toolbar, you could build your own Custom Alexa Toolbar and then promote it on your website, that way your users benefit from having an outlet to your site, and then you benefit as well by having your users install the custom toolbar. 

Invite other webmasters to visit your site, post your URL in webmaster or affiliate marketing forums.  Be careful not to be spammy but if you post something relevent drop your URL in conversation. 

Invite friends or other webmasters to join Alexa Boostup, the more people on the network the greater everyones rank will be across the board its a win-win, plus you can receive 1000 points for referring other members. 

Get your referral link here.


  1. Saya menggunakan AlexaBoostup, tapi mengangap Global Rank indonesia saya tambah gemuk.. apa masalahnya???


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